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Internet Users Act On Newsletter Content Over Advertising
[2009-04-21] It's always interesting to see research confirm something that your gut says is real. Ad blindness is a very real concern for marketers and it is forcing more creativity to get brands in front of the right people at the right time for THEIR right reason. A report from eMarketer shows that Internet users are more likely to act on brand mentions when reading about it in content form rather than advertising form. Not a shock but still good to know rather than suspect. Here's some info about what is working and what is not.

Towers Perrin-Approved Newsletter Tips
[2009-04-07] Trying new things won't always get you too far. Where food is concerned, a bad choice can lead to an empty belly. With sports, think injuries. And if something like karaoke's at issue, lifelong nicknames are a possible result. Fortunately, the following newsletter tips have been well-tested.

Online Retailers Need Better Email Marketing
[2009-03-26] Many online retailers find it challenging to maximize the numerous sales opportunities available through more effective email marketing, a new study from Return Path found.

Surviving Tough Times with E-mail Marketing
[2009-03-10] When the going gets tough, the tough get going. For some in the Real Estate business, trying a new approach in tough times involves using social media such as Facebook or writing a blog. However all put extra emphasis on staying in touch through e-mail marketing.

Email Marketing Leads To Online And Offline Purchases
[2009-02-24] The advantages of permission-based email marketing campaigns goes beyond ecommerce transactions and have a positive impact on purchasing behavior and consumer loyalty in the offline world, according to a new survey from marketing firm Epsilon.

Email Marketing Company Launches Alert Tool
[2009-02-03] Email marketing firm, Email Data Source, has launched a new product called Alerts. The Alerts notifies a subscriber when any of the 40,000-email marketing messages that the company receives daily match criteria set by the customer.

Recession Could Boost Status Of Newsletters
[2009-01-21] The individual companies that send out newsletters are unlikely to be fond of the global recession; something that makes money scarce is never popular. It seems that the recession may be good for the reputation of newsletters in general, though, and people who promote them could gain favor within organizations.

Learning Lessons From Print Newsletters
[2008-12-31] With the economy in the crapper, all sorts of people are spouting off advice that either boils down to or precisely repeats the clich "think outside the box." But at least one person believes you should think inside the box - the mailbox, that is - by printing newsletters and sending them through the Post Office.

Newsletters Are The Ultimate Low Cost Marketing Tool
[2008-12-09] Time is precious. Money is precious.Especially when it comes to marketing and growing your small business.

How To Increase Your Newsletter Reader Feedback
[2008-11-21] Do you consider yourself customer-friendly? Always looking to start the conversation-or continue it? You might be surprised to find that a common practice is undermining any friendly sentiment your e-mail recipient might receive. I'm talking about donotreply@ e-mails. Often, with today's smartphones and e-mail preview panes and popup alerts, the sender's name and first lines of the e-mail are your first impression coming through the inbox door.

JangoMail Rolls Out New Features
[2008-11-04] JangoMail, a permission-based email marketing firm, has introduced a number of new features to its email marketing service aimed at improving usability.

Get a Deeper Level of Interaction with Your Audience
[2008-10-21] Having been involved in internet marketing for more than a few years, it's interesting to see ideas fall out of favor only to come back in fashion, specifically email newsletters and true community building.

The Perfect Email Newsletter Company
[2008-10-07] I'm a big fan of Constant Contact for email marketing, but that doesn't mean you can't improve on a good thing.

Campaigner About To Issue Stream Of Email Marketing Tips
[2008-08-27] Let's be honest: if there were 100 email marketing tips in this article, you'd read the first 15 or so, skip down to the last five, and call it a day. So, for a more digestible rate of advice, we'll suggest you turn to a new site put together by Campaigner.

Comcast buys Email Newsletter Daily Candy
[2008-08-13] The email newsletter Daily Candy, now going on its eighth year, got a sweet deal this week.

Will Social Proof Help to Increase Your Subscriber Rates?
[2008-07-18] Email solutions provider Aweber has been adding a slew of new features to their autoresponder service, including email analytics and stats, and more recently, a widget-like chicklet to display the number of members on your list.

Should You Use a Double Opt-In Process?
[2008-06-17] Over the last year or so, I've helped a few of my clients move their email lists to a new service. Usually, we've moved them to the more robust, feature-filled 1shoppingcart autoresponder and e-commerce program.

Making Newsletter Marketing More Effective
[2008-05-19] It's official. As much as people want to pile on the social media consulting gravy train to bring in the big theoretical bucks, even Biz Stone at Twitter sends email newsletters.

Close To A Quarter Of Spam Came From The U.S. In March
[2008-04-09] In its monthly report, "The State of Spam: -April 2008," Symantec said that spam averaged 81 percent of all email for the month of March 2008, close to a quarter of which came from the United States.

Business Blog vs. Email Newsletters
[2008-02-25] Whenever I put together a business proposal I include recommendations for appropriate Web marketing campaigns. Two items that are often included are email newsletters and business blogs, because both have been successful for flyte and our clients who use them.

Options for Email Marketing Tools
[2008-02-05] Email marketing campaigns are still widely used in online marketing strategies. It becomes very important to measure the overall effectiveness of a campaign so that when you deliver content your readers actually engage with it.

What Can You Learn from Evil Spammers?
[2008-01-15] Got spam? Those never-ending messages seem to arrive in my in-box a lot.

The Email Standards Project
[2007-12-04] The Email Standards Project is an organization that plans to gain momentum by working with various email client creators to develop a standard for email markup.

Getting People to Open Your Email
[2007-11-13] If you send email to customers, what can you do to get more people to open your email? Focus on the subject line.

Email ROI Drops
[2007-10-30] In 2005, email marketing returned $57.25 for every dollar spent. Last year it fell to $51.58.